A fashion designer from washington dc name Jide Jlusiano aka mr scutters  started designing shirts,sweatsuits and shoes in college in fashion shows then later on started designing  for artist all over the world and mostly in washington dc

.Fast foward to winter2018 & 2019 after selling 2,000 sweatsuits  to only people living their dreams and the upperclass top bosses like lawyers,doctors,rappers,club owners,boxers,real estate agents,nurses   etc  ,the name scutters became a household name  and very trendy name in fashion 

all over washington dc,maryland and virginia area.After drawing and designing the sample of his very expensive appareal he then send it to the top manufactures in the world. #scutters is manufactured in france,italy and china.this is what you wear when youre living your dream.its just different when you are wearing scutters.iam successful,iam confident,iam undeafeted,iam tough,iam talented,iam enegetic,iam rich,iam scutters.